Friday, September 26, 2008

if i were a mermaid . . .

my favorite outdoor decoration is my mermaid - my self portrait in fantasyland . . . i would swim from one beautiful tropical island to another staying just long enough to absorb all its beauty & then move on to another . . . . ahhhhhhhh . . . yes that would be toooo cool :O )

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

widget warning

i have removed the halloween & christmas widgets from my blog . . . i love them, but they were causing my videos to skip & pause . . . after searching for possible causes & realizing that the video played fine on my computer - just not on the blog - it got me to isolate my efforts on the blog side of things - i guess they're not compatable for some reason - what a bummer :O(. if they are any tech savy people out there who can think of way i can have videos & widgets PLEASE let me know! i'll miss the jingle bells upon entering my blog . . .
booo hoooooo :O(
H E L P I F Y A C A N . . .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ya got to kiss a 100 . . . .

messy karen created a monster w/her shout out to roy in a previous post, lol! enjoy the video below which was a joint effort.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

animals hangin round

princess & tut tut sharing . . . awwwwwwwwwe . . . little, little baby frog floating on the pool vac hose . . in the shade . . chillin out - yeah!
very pretty caterpillar hangin on the fence
& on the palm tree trunk
photo credits: Pamela Joy (dog/cat/frog) - Roy (caterpillar)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

too cute!

enjoy a few photos of my favorite subjects . . . aren't they toooooooooooooo cute! #1 miss roxy, 2 miss pinky, #3 toto & #4 miss roxy

Monday, September 8, 2008

halloween countdown widget

i hope you'all enjoy the photos of simba ... he was begging for treats after watching the dogs enjoy theirs ... of course, he got treats after cooperating w/me - i especially love the final shot - he had enough of the flashes & kittykitty calls so he let out a big M E O W - it's also halloweenish don't ya think ?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

wonderful surprises!

the lovely fabric floral bag in the above photo (for sale @ messy karen's Etsy shop along w/others - this bag is available for $8) - arrived from messy karen one day in my mail by surpirse! there's a lot of, let's say... my favorite collection of pam's favorite stuff within this special corner of my bathroom! as soon as i saw it i knew where it would live for a little while . . . as i like to move stuff around . . . it's been there since late spring. i love to hang beautiful & interesting stuff all over the house but especially enjoy decorating knobs & any hooks, etc. . this umbrella decoration was sold as a yard/garden ornament & is made of cast iron - really heavy - i loved it in my bathroom & hang stuff off it all the time. holidays are often expressed there as well - just a little something to bring the holiday into the bath!
messy karen, she is such a sweety, that even thou i didn't win any of frequent her give-a-ways, she decided i was deserving of a gift anyway! she loaded it w/wonderful goodies . . . candies, cool pencil w/a gem tip w/hand made case, cookies made from scratch, an x-tra bag, starbuck's gum, & an organic sweetner - wow, yes all in her wonderful gift bag! i have alrady passed on the x-tra bag to an old friend who recently was @ the house for a BBQ. she had complimented the one hanging in the bathroom earlier & later i gave her my x-tra! she LOVED it & i LOVE mine toooooo! thanks again messy karen xxoo.

frangipani & gerber daisy

finally my gerbers are in bloom . . . the frangipani hasn't bloomed since it was put in this pot . . . maybe in the coming months . . . we'll keep our fingers crossed!