Friday, January 9, 2009

my corner

the video below was shot while visiting home for the holidays. the neighborhood is full of 1, 2, & 3 family homes - all different colors & sizes . . . during christmas & new years we enjoyed snow a couple of times & wanted to capture the surrounding 100' or so while i was visiting. i am fortunate in that the house i grew up in is still in the family & enjoyed staying there thru the holidays! future posts will show other areas/events . . . but i started with this & hope you'all enjoy it. i thought it would be apppropriate in that you'all are expecting a BIG storm this weekend . . . as i always say to you'all . . . enjoy it for me!

Friday, December 19, 2008

toto spreading holiday cheer!

toto loves his photo taken & can look so peaceful, however, he mostly barks a lot . . . but looks so cute while doing it!

miss roxy on the mend - aweeeeee! & other pets

miss pinky staying close by to the little patient
miss roxy on the mend w/cone head - 14 mos & she needed to be fixed - pm following surgery & still very s l e e eee p y !

tut tut & toto napping together!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

american white ibis

i told ya i'd figure it out! anyway . . . the dogs were barking as usual, however, they continued for longer than usual - which is the amount of time it takes for the mail person to pass or a neighbor to walk past the house . . . they kept on & on so i went to see what was up & the video above speaks for itself. the american white ibis visits yards/parks in tropical climates & eat the bugs in your grass. the ibis were out in the front yard for about 1/2 hour. they always hang in flocks which is cool . . . one time they landed along my fence in the back yard which is about dozen or so fence lenghts - so about 70+ feet . . . anyway, they landed on it & they looked fake as they were all lined up, lol! ibis also like to land on the top of the pine trees out back which makes they stand out as they're so white . . . they remind me of a christmas tree topper when they do that! when they land in a tree they look like ornaments! i really enjoy all the critters round here & i'm glad i had another new one that i was able to capture on video for you'all. enjoy!

stuffed shells

one of my favorite dinners is stuffed shells. i took this photos to test my new camera . . . yes, on black friday i got a new sony cybershot dsc-h10. i'm still working out the importing of video - i'm having a conflict w/companion files missing ??? but don't worry w/enough time w/it i'll figure it out. i wanted to share some cool footage of a flock of ibis that visited the front yard, oh well . . . i'll catch them another time i guess! p.s. - by the way my shells came out rockin . . . . & get a load of that perfectly melted 6 italian cheese on top - yummy! martha would be proud of me, lol!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

pumpkin cheesecake

happy thanksgiving to you'all! above is my contribution to my neighbor's dinner we're attending this afternoon. i used an old stencil i had been given @ a food show but had not used . . . sprinkled powdered sugar & then lifted ever so carefully . . . phewwwwww - it came out great. it features a beautiful little chalet surrounded w/pine trees & mountains. i did practice a few times on the back side of a glass pie plate, lol! the top of this carrying case has a clear plastic window & showcases the stencil so nicely, however, those of you that know & love me know what a clutz i can be . . . right after taking the photo above my camera wrist sling got caught on the pull of my spice drawer & the camera landed on the tile floor from about a waist hight drop . . . i was going to take a photo of the stencil & the cheesecake in the carrier showing the window, etc. but wasn't able to once the camera broke . . . so far haven't been able to fix it . . . so if i don't blog for while you know why :O (

Saturday, November 15, 2008

tulips & april cornell table cloth

i recently reconnected w/an old friend & helped her w/a tag sale a couple of days - she arrived for a visit with a gift of beautiful tulips! the tulips matched my april cornell table cloth that just happened to be on the kitchen table at the time - i couldn't help but take a photo - the tulips opened beautifully overnight . . . it sad they last just a few days . . . :O(