Sunday, August 24, 2008

tropical storm fay - FINAL ACT

above is a bird of paradise that bloomed during the rains this week - i cut two today as they were @ the back of the screen facing nowhere, lol! i have them resting on the back porch table w/an ant bait for a while - those ants like to run to high ground w/heavy rains - but by morning they'll be ready to come inside to be enjoyed for two weeks+

while 'home alone', for a brief time this afternoon one of fay's outer rain bands decided to fall over my house for about 10 minutes . . . the problem is that the gutters surrounding the pool screen had not yet be cleared of debris from the week long storm - for the most part, florida homes don't have gutters except when you have a pool screen. . . you can see why as gutters are no good in a down pour & overflow . . . especially when full of debris and/or like when it rains as hard & fast as this quick little squawl - the gutters typical get full of leaves from the myrtle trees out front - . . . the rain from the whole back side of the roof line falls into those gutters, of course . . lol - the water backed up so quick . . . you can see as the video goes on . . . i used a push broom to push the water into the pool . . . which means the pool now needs to be shocked - you can see all the pots, yard ornaments, etc. under the part of the porch w/a roof & the outer porch w/screen is fairly empty . . . crisis avoided . . . good news is that was pretty much the last drop we'll see from tropical storm fay - goodby!

Friday, August 22, 2008

tropical storm fay - UPDATE!

above are some shots of the frog from the "last night" olympic video that i think shows the frog much better than the video did . . . and . . . as you've all heard on the news the critters come out when the water gets too much for them - here's a visitor to the front yard earlier this week!

i been distracted by the storm since tuesday . . . still have my summer cold :o( . . . been draining the pool ALOT i.e., 10" & it's pouring out as i write this blog friday @ 9:10 p.m. on the back porch listening to some music, all yard/small stuff is under wraps & safe, potted plants under porch roof, etc., all is good w/us except lots of rain, however, living on high ground area of central florida it's so hard to complain @ all while others experiencing historic flooding. . . shot some footage daily & put together a short video w/sounds of fay all by herself as seen, of course, from my back yard :O) . . . suppose to stop raining sometime this weekend as we're still in line for the outside bands that wrap for hundreds of miles w/this S L O W tropical storm!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tropical storm fay !

wanted to share a cool beach web cam w/all of you to link to during tropical storm fay. you can even control the camera, it's pretty cool. this is also giving me an opportunity to follow Messy Karen's instructions to add links to my postings - so i'm-a-hoping this works, lol! i also found another real COOL web cam @ daytona w/sounds of the surf - so you can pull up this link anytime ya want to hear & see the beautiful florida surf! enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

last night . . . chillin out, cookin', watching the Olympics . . . . enjoy the Olmpyics you'all!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Critter Alert

here's a close up!

great photo showing off his/her little feet - so cool how they climb up a vertical wall (it's about 10' off the ground) & then just hang there . . . . looking @ me & wondering what the heck i'm doing, lol!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

one night blooming cereus

i was hoping that this plant would bloom soon - it came by surprise this time . . . it's on the side yard . . . which i admit sometimes i don't visit daily, lol! all of a sudden those deep pink/redish blooms stuck out of this othewise scrappy looking plant, lol! i thought it would bloom this weekend . . but w/the rain i guess my calculations were off . . . so last night around 8 p.m. & off/on until 5:30 a.m. thursday morning i took lots of photos, messy karen will be happy to know i managed to narrow them down to 14 shots faded together w/some audio - nice and simple & so BEAUTIFUL . . . enjoy!

music by: habib koite song: din din wo

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day @ Work

me getting ready to leave!
50,000 gallon pool

this pool is 44,000 gallons -or- 4x bigger than my home pool - as commercial pools go . . . small size . . . isn't it sparkling . . . one of the things i enjoy most is the reflection ya get off the palm trees on the water . . . so relaxing while your netting!
this is what the outside of the vac pacs look like when they covers are shut . . . . what's inside of them is posted below

here a photo of a pit w/in a vac pac cover - i confess that @ first i was VERY scared of all those valves & push pulls, etc.

below is a minute+ of my netting @ a brand new pool - as you can hear there is still construction going on & camera person is responsible for his commentary - he's so funny, lol! fyi, it usually takes us between 15 - 30 minutes average to net this size pool depending on storm, usage, etc. - anyway, it will give ya an idea of why it's such a great workout . . . especially the sweating! my goal is to be done by 11/12 p.m. max - it's too hot after that . . . !