Saturday, July 26, 2008


** video revised july 30th - sorry for the hick up w/original . . . i'm still learning, lol!
just because i said i wouldn't be able to catch a snake on video . . . . here's a snake that was on the front porch this morning . . . i told ya we have a lot of critters round here, lol! enjoy!

music by: aisha duo song: despertar

Thursday, July 24, 2008

round the front yard

fish fountain i made from an old fish yard ornament & myrtle tree

myrtle blossom up close, so beautiful & notice the bark coming off which occurs when blooming begins!

vine, don't know what kind, lol!

very popular bird bath frequented by all kinds of critters!

round the yard, of course!

eucalyptus & other plants by the pool

it comes and goes . . . .

one of my beautiful myrtle trees in full bloom & a stork that came flying by . . . . . another frequent visitor! and below is . . . . .

a video featuring both chameleons & a frog - two of the most seen critters round here - i've also had a few snakes in the pool but i'm sure i'll never catch that on a video, lol!

the music is karma chamelson by boy george - i love his voice & this is one of my favorite songs . . . i hope you'all enjoy it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July - 2008

since 1994 fireworks have been shot off out front - so for once you can kinda see the front yard, lol! much of it is dark, however, i hope you'all still enjoy it! the whole neighborhood as far as you could hear & see was full of firework explosions . . . it started @ 8:45ish pm thil 12:00ish am. . . with a few later than that . . . it was a friday for a change this year - so it went on a bit later than usual. we are fortunate in that we can see 2 of the firework shows @ the theme parks nightly but no need to fight the crowds to see them on the 4th . . . several of our neighbors, like us, prefer to stay @ home & enjoy our own little show! i enjoy lighting smoke bombs, sparklers & just about anything that you throw on the ground . . . . i don't touch the other stuff - the guys all enjoy setting off rockets, fountains & anything that makes loud noises, lol! we all had a great night & enjoyed the beautiful florida summer night!

don't worry the video isn't 10+ minutes, it's actually about 5 1/2 minutes . . the rest is just audio w/black screen. i added a classical audio piece to run w/the credits and wasn't able to figure out how to shorten the audio . . i think it's protected somehow which will make it interesting to find audio that fits perfectly. my first two videos taken @ back yard just happen to pick up the tv music channel on the back porch which i didn't even realize until i downloaded and listened to the videos . . . the tv music channel is usually on to make some noise to distract my dogs from the neighbor's screen door noise & their dog/kids, etc. as when they hear stuff they get protective & bark toooooo much . . point being . . the tv radio channel just happened to enter my first two videos & videos 3 & 4 have both natural sounds recorded while filiming & added audio. i've mostly used mariah carey so far as i'm such a huge fan, but will mix it up. those of you that know me are probably surprised that i listen to classical from time to time . . . i like to listen to classical when i bath, vacuum or nap!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

i know it's not a butterfly, but . . .

i love mariah carey & this mix is one of my favorites . . . . i hope you'all enjoy seeing what visited me in my backyard saturday morning . . . . i never expected "it" to stay put for so long . . . you can see my arm gets tired and moves a lot, however, i also wanted to show the fence and how close "it" was (15') . . . honestely, i had to run inside for my camera . . . then oh GOD my batteries died, inside again to get the batteries on the charger, shot footage for a bit . . then, oh GOD, those replacement batteries from the charger weren't quite ready & didn't last long, lol! back inside for the ones i had just put on the charger hoping they'd have enough juice in them & back outside . . . thankfully they lasted until the card was full, lol! in the beginning there is just the audio w/video so you can hear somebody crying out for what i filmed . . . just before i started filming they were together . . . but i think "it"was hiding from the animal that you hear @ the beginning . . . i've heard them before so i'm sure that what you hear on the video is the same . . . it is so amazing that "it" stayed thru all my noise in/out/in/out, etc.! i'm trying to get better about having my batteries charged & camera close by . . . there are a lot of critters down here in Florida & look forward to bringing you a little peek @ all of them. enjoy!