Friday, January 9, 2009

my corner

the video below was shot while visiting home for the holidays. the neighborhood is full of 1, 2, & 3 family homes - all different colors & sizes . . . during christmas & new years we enjoyed snow a couple of times & wanted to capture the surrounding 100' or so while i was visiting. i am fortunate in that the house i grew up in is still in the family & enjoyed staying there thru the holidays! future posts will show other areas/events . . . but i started with this & hope you'all enjoy it. i thought it would be apppropriate in that you'all are expecting a BIG storm this weekend . . . as i always say to you'all . . . enjoy it for me!


Messy Karen said...

it's so nice that you came home and had a traditional winter in Connecticut. it's snowing again.

Linda said...

Yes, I was nice to have you for the holidays. It's still snowing you know.