Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sites & sounds of my back yard

about five minutes of video in my back yard this morning - i learned a few more effects - i'm sure you'll be impressed, lol! if anyone watching can do a rain dance, please do . . . . . note the sound of crunching yellow grass under my feet, lol!


Enjoy !


Messy Karen said...

that was both beautiful and peaceful. thank you.

nora said...

hi Auntie Pam i luv ur back yard and luv ur dogs are u going to get any more dogs? hope not it will be too much trbl. when is the next time u r going to come visit? it will be cool. i miss u.

Pam said...

just like last year, i promise, you'll be the first person i'll call when i know my travel dates! love and miss ya VERY MUCH - Aunti Pam : O )

CJ said...

Hi there! Messy Karen sent me to your blog. I am a new blogger myself and don't have much traffic yet. I have not even attempted a video yet. The slideshow I did was hard enough. Nice backyard but it does look like you need some rain. At least you have a lovely pool!! If you go to my blog you can see part of my yard in the header picture. I guess that is the 'side' yard. Happy Blogging!