Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July - 2008

since 1994 fireworks have been shot off out front - so for once you can kinda see the front yard, lol! much of it is dark, however, i hope you'all still enjoy it! the whole neighborhood as far as you could hear & see was full of firework explosions . . . it started @ 8:45ish pm thil 12:00ish am. . . with a few later than that . . . it was a friday for a change this year - so it went on a bit later than usual. we are fortunate in that we can see 2 of the firework shows @ the theme parks nightly but no need to fight the crowds to see them on the 4th . . . several of our neighbors, like us, prefer to stay @ home & enjoy our own little show! i enjoy lighting smoke bombs, sparklers & just about anything that you throw on the ground . . . . i don't touch the other stuff - the guys all enjoy setting off rockets, fountains & anything that makes loud noises, lol! we all had a great night & enjoyed the beautiful florida summer night!

don't worry the video isn't 10+ minutes, it's actually about 5 1/2 minutes . . the rest is just audio w/black screen. i added a classical audio piece to run w/the credits and wasn't able to figure out how to shorten the audio . . i think it's protected somehow which will make it interesting to find audio that fits perfectly. my first two videos taken @ back yard just happen to pick up the tv music channel on the back porch which i didn't even realize until i downloaded and listened to the videos . . . the tv music channel is usually on to make some noise to distract my dogs from the neighbor's screen door noise & their dog/kids, etc. as when they hear stuff they get protective & bark toooooo much . . point being . . the tv radio channel just happened to enter my first two videos & videos 3 & 4 have both natural sounds recorded while filiming & added audio. i've mostly used mariah carey so far as i'm such a huge fan, but will mix it up. those of you that know me are probably surprised that i listen to classical from time to time . . . i like to listen to classical when i bath, vacuum or nap!


Messy Karen said...

kaboom. maybe i could come visit next year so i could watch them with you. miss ya!

Pam said...

it's a date & we'll have to hit the beach as well, of course . . .miss ya toooo! ;O)