Thursday, November 6, 2008

halloween sunset @ front yard

join me while i do a sound check in my front yard & visit my neighbor's front porch . . . every halloween i take my 90's boom box & play a halloween cd i've have for years . . . i open the front middle window & blast it way up high & set on repeat . . . i live @ end of a circle & it really does carry up/down the street . . . i was informed this year by a very serious sounding young man that "i have the best sound effects in the whole neighborhood" . . he made my night :O ) . . . . once traffic picked up several of us just stood outside w/the candy as when you answered the door it was obvious there were more soon to follow . . . very busy year & a definite local baby boom . . . didn't get photos as i felt the parents might not approve, etc. . . but trust me there was lots of them & we're SO cute . . . i take you from the front of my house to a view down the street showing the sunset, to my neighbor's front porch w/features their hard work earlier in the day . . . their pumpkins were all hand carved . . the treats shown @ the end are the "special" bags i prepare for the neighbor's kids that live directly next & across from me . . . i also make cookies to give to the parents as i think they should get something as well . . . this year it was fresh baked chocolate chip cookes . . . here's a tip for those who love home made cookies but want to bake only a small amount . . . i'll freeze the cookie batter so i can slice & bake whenever i want some cookies - just like the frozen cookie rolls in the grocery store. . . put a small amount into the snack size zip lock bags & toss into the freezer & use w/in month . . we only need a 1/2 dozen @ time so it works great for small/single families . . . hope you'all enjoyed your halloween as well :O )

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