Friday, November 14, 2008

space shuttle launch from my back yard @ night

from the back yard you've all seen lots of videos shot during the day, however, this video is of a night shuttle launch @ NASA as viewed from the back yard. . . they are the most beautiful. my video shows several objects w/light - the one on the left is the moon w/palms blowing over it. . . but it's stationary, the one on the right is the shuttle & obviously moves, however, the moon does get blocked sometimes w/clouds & towards the end you'all will see a third light which is the fuel tank falling back towards it's final destination . . . a plung into the atlantic. the portion of the video that shows the shuttle is short as it was partly cloudy & it went behind the clouds w/in 1 minutes or so of take off . . . . another time i'll video a day launch. obviously, we live due east of NASA approximately 50 miles, however, w/the flat landscape residents inland also feel as if they're part of all the excitement a launch brings to the area . . a day launch is beautiful w/great smoke clouds that can't be seen @ night . . . but i still wanted to capture what i could tonight & share it w/you'all.
when the shuttle come home it travels right over central florida and we all hear the sonic booms - it's similar to the loudest car back fire you've ever heard multiplied a zillion times - you can feel it & hear it - a sonic boom is the sound the shuttle makes as it re-enters the atmosphere & it just happens they re-enter over central florida as the shuttle lines up to land @ NASA . . . it's really cool to experience it all . . . enjoy :O)

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