Friday, August 1, 2008

Day @ Work

me getting ready to leave!
50,000 gallon pool

this pool is 44,000 gallons -or- 4x bigger than my home pool - as commercial pools go . . . small size . . . isn't it sparkling . . . one of the things i enjoy most is the reflection ya get off the palm trees on the water . . . so relaxing while your netting!
this is what the outside of the vac pacs look like when they covers are shut . . . . what's inside of them is posted below

here a photo of a pit w/in a vac pac cover - i confess that @ first i was VERY scared of all those valves & push pulls, etc.

below is a minute+ of my netting @ a brand new pool - as you can hear there is still construction going on & camera person is responsible for his commentary - he's so funny, lol! fyi, it usually takes us between 15 - 30 minutes average to net this size pool depending on storm, usage, etc. - anyway, it will give ya an idea of why it's such a great workout . . . especially the sweating! my goal is to be done by 11/12 p.m. max - it's too hot after that . . . !

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Anonymous said...

ahhhh shucks, I love it all, I look so puffy in that shirt.....keep em coming darling.