Friday, August 22, 2008

tropical storm fay - UPDATE!

above are some shots of the frog from the "last night" olympic video that i think shows the frog much better than the video did . . . and . . . as you've all heard on the news the critters come out when the water gets too much for them - here's a visitor to the front yard earlier this week!

i been distracted by the storm since tuesday . . . still have my summer cold :o( . . . been draining the pool ALOT i.e., 10" & it's pouring out as i write this blog friday @ 9:10 p.m. on the back porch listening to some music, all yard/small stuff is under wraps & safe, potted plants under porch roof, etc., all is good w/us except lots of rain, however, living on high ground area of central florida it's so hard to complain @ all while others experiencing historic flooding. . . shot some footage daily & put together a short video w/sounds of fay all by herself as seen, of course, from my back yard :O) . . . suppose to stop raining sometime this weekend as we're still in line for the outside bands that wrap for hundreds of miles w/this S L O W tropical storm!

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Messy Karen said...

wow. those winds have really invaded your peaceful place. hope it's over for you soon.