Sunday, August 24, 2008

tropical storm fay - FINAL ACT

above is a bird of paradise that bloomed during the rains this week - i cut two today as they were @ the back of the screen facing nowhere, lol! i have them resting on the back porch table w/an ant bait for a while - those ants like to run to high ground w/heavy rains - but by morning they'll be ready to come inside to be enjoyed for two weeks+

while 'home alone', for a brief time this afternoon one of fay's outer rain bands decided to fall over my house for about 10 minutes . . . the problem is that the gutters surrounding the pool screen had not yet be cleared of debris from the week long storm - for the most part, florida homes don't have gutters except when you have a pool screen. . . you can see why as gutters are no good in a down pour & overflow . . . especially when full of debris and/or like when it rains as hard & fast as this quick little squawl - the gutters typical get full of leaves from the myrtle trees out front - . . . the rain from the whole back side of the roof line falls into those gutters, of course . . lol - the water backed up so quick . . . you can see as the video goes on . . . i used a push broom to push the water into the pool . . . which means the pool now needs to be shocked - you can see all the pots, yard ornaments, etc. under the part of the porch w/a roof & the outer porch w/screen is fairly empty . . . crisis avoided . . . good news is that was pretty much the last drop we'll see from tropical storm fay - goodby!


Messy Karen said...

i love the rain. but what a mess Fay has created for you.

Anonymous said...

Well as I know how you are about your home I am glad that the water did not get any to florida weather right....

loves and kisses