Thursday, November 27, 2008

pumpkin cheesecake

happy thanksgiving to you'all! above is my contribution to my neighbor's dinner we're attending this afternoon. i used an old stencil i had been given @ a food show but had not used . . . sprinkled powdered sugar & then lifted ever so carefully . . . phewwwwww - it came out great. it features a beautiful little chalet surrounded w/pine trees & mountains. i did practice a few times on the back side of a glass pie plate, lol! the top of this carrying case has a clear plastic window & showcases the stencil so nicely, however, those of you that know & love me know what a clutz i can be . . . right after taking the photo above my camera wrist sling got caught on the pull of my spice drawer & the camera landed on the tile floor from about a waist hight drop . . . i was going to take a photo of the stencil & the cheesecake in the carrier showing the window, etc. but wasn't able to once the camera broke . . . so far haven't been able to fix it . . . so if i don't blog for while you know why :O (

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Messy Karen said...

yummy. that's too bad about your camera. maybe Santa will buy you a new one.